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Gaining Muscle With P90X

Gaining Muscle With P90X

Using P90X To Bulk Up

Many people are using the P90X workout program to lose weight and get in incredible shape, but there are those of us who just have naturally high metabolisms and can't ever seem to gain any weight no matter how much we eat. I was one of those guys and when I first saw the infomercials I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get ripped and gain some muscles. That is the beauty of Tony Horton's amazing workout. It is designed to help people on both ends of the scale get up or down to the perfect size of your dreams.

I was pretty slim my entire life, even after I joined the military and had that "good old army chow" everyday for a few months of training. I was standing tall at 5"8, 137lbs when I did P90X the first time and my goal was to get to 150lbs. So I put P90X to the test and got the DVD's, pull-up bar and dumbbells. It was every bit as tough as my military training, but there was something different about it. I just could not get used to it. I eventually got used to the working out in my military training but P90X doesn't have that. That muscle confusion thing was really working!

I was majoring in nutrition at the time and was surprised at how good the nutrition plan was. It was very detailed and called for lots of protein. I knew from the start that the nutrition was the main ingredient in the success of the workout. I was a lover of junk food and fast foods, but was still very slim and fit somehow. I knew I would have to cut all of that out to make this thing work! So I began my 90 day journey and I was excited!

I decided to go with the Classic version to gain muscle quickly because I didn't have much body fat to begin with. It was a struggle everyday but the results came really quick.

The Keys To Bulking Up Using P90X

Healthy eating is the key to meeting your muscle gaining goals with P90X. It's the same for losing weight. Our bodies must have the proper "fuel" for the best results. You simply can't put cheap gasoline in a Lamborghini and expect good performance out of it. The nutrition guide that comes with the program is essential to your success. I had to increase the amount of high quality protein that I was eating as well as lots of fruits and vegetables.

Once I switched up my diet I started seeing results in no time. I did the Classic version, which focuses mostly on strength training. The workouts are spaced out in a way that you work one or two muscle groups really hard then you rest those muscles and start on another muscle group. I started seeing muscles I never saw before in my arms, shoulders, chest and legs within the first few weeks!

The muscle confusion is what sets P90X apart from any other workout. It causes you to reshape your body by build and maintain muscle. The workouts are switched so often that you can never get used to them for the entire 90 days! This constant change tears down your muscles making it possible to build them back up bigger and stronger than ever with high quality protein. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and that's why you need it to repair your torn down muscles. The nutrition plan gives you more than enough ideas for what types of high quality protein and nutrients you need. Stick to the plan as best you can and you will see results. 

By the end of the 90 days all my friends, family and people I worked with noticed how much I bulked up. I had gained around 15-18lbs by the end of the 90 days! I exceeded my goal and got up to 155lbs! So P90X really does work for the really slim people like myself and the overweight. It was not at all easy but as long as you put the DVD in and just follow along, it can be done. You have just got to remember why you are doing it and use that as your motivation.

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The guys you see all over Youtube and on the infomercials are real and P90X did work for them. If it can work for people like them and myself then it can work for you too. To buy P90X Today, Click Here. Thanks for reading. 

By Kody Tisdale


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